“The Branding Bridge”

Let's dive into your business and find the missing gaps in your branding so that you can have a consistent visible look, on all platforms.

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    Rookie Mistakes

    Presenting a brand consistently across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%. Imagine how that would feel as a business owner to increase your current revenue by 23%.

    Without consistent branding and being in front of your audience, it will not convert

    Color meanings

    People make a subconscious judgment about a product within 90 seconds of initial viewing and between 62% and 90% of that assessment is based on color alone Source

    Certain colors evoke feelings and messages. Picking the right colors matters for this reason.

    Overall Brand

    Brand loyalty is worth 10x more than a single purchase.

    A signature visual aesthetic that sets your brand apart. You will want to define a signature logo, color palette, type selection & graphics that will be used for web, in print, and on social media